Bianca Rabbit


Intentionally curate an elegant, storied space with our thoughtfully crafted collection of figures and figurines. Peruse a vast selection of unique, display-worthy pieces designed to individualize any interior design scheme including animals, architecture, vintage reproductions, boats, sea life, sports paraphernalia, fairytale-inspired scenes, abstract sculptures, bells, hourglasses, food items, chains, flora, and so much more. Choose from a wide array of materials from stoneware and metal to wood and resin, and styles from mid-century modern and cottage to farmhouse and contemporary. Bring whimsy, nostalgia, sophistication, or any desired ambiance to a living space with the simple addition of a figure or figurine. This eclectic aluminum accent features the silhouette of a rabbit in a shimmering finish. Display in a living space of any style from traditional to eclectic. Add a touch of personal style to a mantelpiece or tabletop with this decorative rabbit figurine. Made from aluminum.

11"L x 2-1/2"W x 5"H